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<i>Weight of the World</i> <i>by Dave McCreery</i>
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Weight of the World by Dave McCreery

Dave McCreery discusses his ‘Weight of the World’ series

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They won't stop. They won't communicate. Can this hotshot spacepilot and his comrades step up to be Earth’s last line of defense?

Ryan Fall’s recklessness is his own worst enemy. Pushing the limits in every Cyber Cycle race, his risky manoeuvres bring the authorities down on him for underage racing. His only option is to join the advanced mech program – and learn to fight for what really matters.

Under the command of a distant captain, Ryan joins a special-purpose squad and he’s shocked to discover what they’re being trained for. A huge alien armada is bearing down on Earth, and it’ll take every pilot they’ve got to have a chance of survival.

With nowhere to run, every decision the rookie pilot makes could be the difference between the destruction of everything he loves and saving humanity.

Can the wildcard mech pilot focus his skills and end an extra-terrestrial nightmare?
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I’ve been a fan of science fiction and fantasy stories for as long as I can remember. Sci-fi drew me in with its amazing technology, flashy battles and imaginative views of our – and other – worlds. In truth, I still love these elements, but as I’ve grown older, it’s the characters that are really important to these stories.

How they struggle with decisions like we do despite the technology and amazing places around them. How the consequences of what they do, or don’t do, can alter not just those around but everyone. How those stories make us strive to be better than we are in every way.

I remember reading The Star Wars Expanded Universe (now Legends) X-Wing books. Rogue Squadron, and Wraith Squadron, nailed those bonds and the humour the glued them together. I wanted to show that side of a squadron against a dark and grim setting.

Yes, there are battles. Yes, the Earth is at stake. But so is humanity – the concept of it as well as the species. Reality Check is just the beginning of the Weight of the World series, but the message is clear; technology is important, but it won’t always be there to save us.
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For more details about books by Dave McCreery, visit or follow @DaveMcCreery on Twitter.
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