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<i>The Three Worlds Chronicles</i> <i>by James R Norwood</i>
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The Three Worlds Chronicles by James R Norwood

James R Norwood: ‘The Three Worlds Chronicles’

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One minute he was doing routine repairs. The next, he was floating alone in empty space. Major Cormac Gallagher, working on a top-secret new planet-sized cloaking technology to protect Earth finds himself thrust into the middle of a galactic war. Earth, new to the galactic order, is desperate to protect itself from unknown threats. The ever secretive humans develop the technology quietly alongside a new found alien but friendly civilization, without realizing that an enormous armada of bristling alien ships is nearing the planet.

When a hostile alien race stumbles upon the project, Gallagher must stop them from destroying and enslaving the loosely allied trio of worlds. Wanting nothing more than to protect his home planet from deadly alien invaders, Gallagher must prove the technology works, and get it functioning before the alien menace arrives.

For fans of Arthur C Clark or Frank Herbert, a new Science Fiction Series, ‘The Three Worlds Chronicles’, opens up an expansive new universe with its first release, ‘A Trio of Worlds’ and is followed up by the explosive novel ‘Heirs of the Ancients’. Coming soon, ‘Destroyer of Worlds’ continues the saga.
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