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<i>The EDGE Trilogy</i> <i>by Andria Stone</i>
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The EDGE Trilogy by Andria Stone

Andria Stone discusses her series ‘The EDGE Trilogy’

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Edge Of The Future begins in media res, otherwise known as in the middle of action. An explosion in a hidden military research laboratory sets the tone and pace for this hit-the-ground-running scifi techno thriller. An unimaginable series of catastrophes follow which jeopardize not only the exploration of space but all of humanity as well. It’s loaded with drama, high stakes intrigue, action and suspense. But the techno details are the cherry on top. Explaining how things work in a world that hasn’t yet happened makes them seem real and lends authenticity to the narrative.

This story’s flawed Protagonist is Mark Warren, a gifted military scientist, but a womanizer who also embraces drinking and gambling. He secretly carries guilt about someone’s death and there’s a violent incident in his past. His supporting cast of characters are fellow scientists and military, of different genders, races, and specialties. Although they are infinitely dissimilar, the disasters they experience mold them into not only a cohesive team but a tight-knit familial unit forged in the flames of life-or-death situations. Each one comes to realize the enormity of what’s at stake and must decide if the ultimate sacrifice is a price too high to pay.

In the universal struggle between good and evil there must be an opponent. In contrast to the usual stereotypes, a female wears the black hat in this story. She’s a formidable Antagonist, a devious chameleon, possesses psychopathic tendencies and has agenda she’s been working on for years. The last roadblock to her success is acquiring Warren’s formula. When her plans go array, she resorts to annihilating every obstacle, including family members of her primary target.

Blood is spilled and the level of fear increases along with the body count. Our story plays out like a three-dimensional chess game, as Antagonist and Protagonist make one calculated move after another. Terrifying pursuits and harrowing near misses escalate the threat level as people are maimed, tortured to delirium, or shoved out an airlock while the story hurtles toward the final scene—a death match in space.

Descriptive scenes of this future world are sprinkled in among the gritty violence that drives the story forward. And it may not sound like it from the synopsis, but the story does have a few laughs thrown in to lighten the mood. Karma does make an appearance at the appropriate times. But most importantly—it doesn’t end on a cliffhanger. One reader left a review stating, “the story felt like the movies ‘RoboCop’ and ‘Total Recall,’ with a few bits of the ‘Matrix’ thrown in to keep us on our toes.”

The next two books in The EDGE Trilogy also start in media res, and feature female Antagonists (since there’s definitely a shortage). Our team members experience tragedies, act rebellious, and fight among themselves—just like a real family. Each subsequent book presents a more intricate plot and features unique villains. There’s an infinite amount of evil in our little corner of the cosmos and a finite amount of time for our characters to even the playing field.
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